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Hey Subanez, could you PM me who you used for your Lexis Nexis search? I'd like one done on a particular care, and I'm having trouble finding someone that uses Lexis Nexis that can do it for me.

Originally Posted by Subanez
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See if you can get a more detailed report. CarFax catches big things, but often times I and others on this board have discovered that it misses more than it catches. Because of the low pricing, I would wonder the full extent of the damage from the accident.

I speak from bought after a major accident (whether you knew about it or not..grrr...) can have problems far after the original damage is fixed. It seems that every month or two something "new" happens to my car, and I think I can relate it all the way back to an accident I found out about using Lexis Nexis, which wasn't reported by carfax.

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