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I don't see a relationship between your wheel balance and the installation of the drop links/end links. The shop probably didn't tell you about the balance problem because they probably didn't drive the car to notice it. Replacing the drop links would not really require them to drive the car. It's a simple procedure of taking the old parts out and bolting new ones in.

HOWEVER, to do this job they DO need to take the wheels off. There sir may be your problem. A number of things could have happened:

1. Your wheel bolts are not torqued down tight. I would check this IMMEDIATELY as it would be dangerous to drive it this way.

2. If you have wheels spacers they may not have gotten them back on and aligned properly. This would be my best guess as to the problem.

3. They bunged up your wheels when they were off the car - maybe they knocked some of the balancing weights off or something. Otherwise, unless they're complete morons, it would be hard for them to really screw up your wheels.

That's my two cents...

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