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Your web site discusses a stage 4 NA setup. Have you done a 2.7 increased to 2.9 yet and if so, what kind of hp did you get? What supporting mods are required to get maximum performance? Exhaust, headers, larger injectors?
The stage 4 N/A set up is being machined as we speak.. It will be second in line for assembly and testing very soon, at which time we'll be developing the sub-systems to optimize it. This engine will more than likely use 3.2 injectors, and a specific exhaust system to make the best of the head work and cam alterations we are doing. Developing the sub-systems has proven to be the biggest challenge with any engine design, for us as these items change with internal mods.

This engine would certainly require headers.

Thanks for dropping in as well. For those of us looking for more performance, and contemplating 3.6 swaps, what can you offer? In my case in particular, when giving you back a running 3.2 core?
At the current time most of our main focus has been on the 2.5 and 2.7 engines as they are the oldest and have the greatest failure rates. The 3.2 is a damn good engine compared to them, or even the 3.4 engine as they seldom if ever have catastrophic failures and finding one with a D chunk failure is very difficult. This is due to their more substantial cylinders.

The 3.2 engine is best if left stock displacement and only enhancements made with cam/ head work, or at least thats where today's school of thought is on the topic. That might change next week :-)

I would guess the biggest limiting factor to be the heads, no?
Not really! The heads on all the engines are more than adequate for serious power potential. These are the first engines that I have worked with that have more head than they really need for their displacement and thats one reason that the 2.5 and 2.7 engines are so anemic down low, below 4K RPM. With those we are trying to boost torque down low, therefore making the car faster and increasing drive-ability. This is being done without a loss of top end performance... A stock 2.5 cylinder head flows an amazing 220 CFM on our bench, and thats ungodly for such a short stroke, 85.5mm bored engine!

don't speak for everyone here but someday my 2.5 is sure to pop. When that day comes I will be looking for a larger displacement NA motor that is tuned, balanced and as bulletproof as you can make it. .
And thats exactly what we'll be offering and thats why this was started several years ago, well before there was any demand for such an item. Having been in the custom engine business all my adult life, I know what guys want and how to make it happen. We'll certainly be able to provide well mannered power-plants with a boost in torque, drive-ability and all around performance without a sacrifice of reliability.

I have found that most any Porsche enthusiast appreciates what I do and thats a solid dual purpose engine thats capable of being effective in AX as well as DE events and can be driven to and from those events. Thats certainly what we are shooting for.

We get lousy 91 gas in Calif so a turbo is less interesting to me (also would never pass smog)
I know all about that.. 85% of my continental US based clients for the aircooled market are in California.. I have become well versed with the Cali fuel and know how to manipulate it's use.. Unfortunately nothing we'll do will pass smog in Cali., or at least that what I must tell you up front. Creativity on your end, well.....

There is a TREMENDOUS potential with performance with the Boxster engine once the inherent BS design issues are overcome. These engines LOVE critical assembly, the valve job that we do alone is worth 15 HP... Thats just one example, we'll continue to unlock power as we gain experience with the program.
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