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Originally Posted by kabel
I don't even think Jack has more than one of each rebuilt just yet. Sounded to me like they were still in the last stages of getting the program together.

I do not think the intention was to increase the value of boxsters, but simply to provided a needed service. The new spec boxster series will need a supplier like this too.
I agree that increasing the value of the car was not his intent, but from a price, performance, value stand point, Raby will be competing directly with the engine swap option for customers and as such, you have to make a good case for the rebuild or people will just stuff 3.4l engines in and call it a day.

I'm just giving my opinion and would like to hear other peoples opinions and experiences with swaps, value, rebuilds and such. I think this subject is very hot in the 986 community as most of our cars are getting up there in miles and or have had engine problems.
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