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Originally Posted by graybeard

Give Herb Chambers a try. They came down 3500 without a fight. Claire could only move 2000. Good Luck

Thank you for your advice. It is actually Herb Chambers that offered me the aforementioned $2,500 discount. The sales put up a stink when I asked for that amount via e-mail Wed. morning. (I already visited the dealership on Sunday) He said he would get back to me with confirmation later in the day but did not do so until this morning. In his e-mail reply and phone meesage left for me, his tone sounded commanding and disrespectful... much like the Soup Nazi in Seinfeld. I did not appreciate it so I never got back to him.

Turned out to be a good thing. After I gathered some good advices from here, I started making phone calls to dealerships with credit card in hand for deposit. I aimed for a $4,000 discount. Thus far the best I've got is $3,500. I'll try a few more on Friday. Hopefully, I can get a deal done tomorrow and get delivery in June.
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