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Originally Posted by Brucelee
My advice is to email any Porsche will within 300 miles of where you are with a FIRM offer to purchase within one week of acceptance. This will likely work.

Let us know how you do!
Agree with you. Over the years, I've found that it's better to do your homework and then go in with a firm offer that you're happy with and that's reasonable for the dealer. Based on my research at the time, I felt that I'd be satisfied with $3K off on a car with MSRP around $60K. The dealer agreed to this, and then we both discovered that the PCM option was priced $300+ higher than Porsche was showing on the web site. The salesperson said, "I'll throw in the difference," and we had a deal. I could probably have squeezed out more, but this strategy makes the sales process a lot more friendly and pleasant than dancing around over a few additional dollars.
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