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Originally Posted by Adam
I have a quick question for B&M SSK ussers. Since there is a slight increase in notchiness/effort does it reduce the ability to engage gears during super quick shifts?
No. It feels quite a bit notchier and does require more effort. But that is only relative to the stock shifter. After a week or two you'll be used to it and going back to the stock shifter feels like trying to shift a car with a wet noodle.

What I hated about the stock shifter is the insanely long throw from 1st to 2nd. It actually slowed me down because I always had to "make sure" 2nd was fully engaged. Now, 2nd feels like where it's "supposed to be".

Think of it this's like getting used to a clutch in a new car. Your first week might be weird because you're used to your old car. But you'll adapt.

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