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If you are positive the cats are bad, then I'd buy some salvaged ones from LA Dismantlers or Oklahoma Foreign.

However, your onboard computer would be telling you if anything was wrong with those cats.

My guess is that you have a small, loose piece that needs a whack or two with a hammer.

I had the same annoying vibration coming from the passenger side cat and got under the car when it was cold and start tapping on various things with the head of a screwdriver and found it was a heat shield (not the thin stuff, but a thick steel one).

So, I got back under there with a hammer and gave it a couple of good whacks and tapped on it again and heard nothing... so I took it out for a spin and that was the problem after all.

You should definitely try this or have an independent mechanic tap around for you if you don't have ramps or floor jacks.

Do let us know what the final solution is on this thread so others can learn year after year when they do thread searches.
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