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The LS1 motor weights within 20 LBs of the 4 banger I believe. With a supercharger, the LSI makes 450HP with no internal mods at all. If you go with headers, a cam etc, you are at 500HP.

Some guy on the Renegade site is running 4 flat zero to 60 with a stock LS1 motor in his 944.

Hmmmm, 500 HP in a 944. Now would any 911 Turbo like to have a go?

Well, this WILL be a fun project.

BTW- used LS1 motors are about 3 grand right now.

And yes, the LS2 motor is also available from GM!

Originally Posted by Lux
The sky is the limit with the LS1 (or so it seems). It really is a world class motor. I notice that the LS2 crate motors are available also. New for ~$6K. Now that's cheap!

I'll bet it's more compact and lighter than the motor out of the 944. Come to think of it, a 944 coupled to an LS1 motor would be a Corvette killer.

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