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Just installed...updated with pics!

...B&M's Short Shifter, Eibach springs and a cored S exhaust. I highly recommend doing the shifter swap, the car has a whole new feel to it. The flimsy long throw of the shifter has been replaced by a notchy, precise feeling that is purportedly 20% shorter and feels more like 50. It's literally a quantum shift...umm...from the original. A huge and satisfying difference. The springs have reduced the ride hieght by roughly an inch and, while firming up the car, have not created a harsh ride. The stock struts were retained and adequate to the task. The look especially is pleasing as the car seems wider, more hunched to pounce. It's amazing what a small measurment of adjustment can look like. I was concerned going in that the springs might make for a bouncy uncomfortable ride. I am happy to say this is not so. I'm not as positive about the new camber and toe setting, as they may be a bit aggressive for my needs, but I'll live with them for awhile and see if they grow on me. As for the exhaust...well I like it but my wife has vowed not to ride in the car as long as it's like it is. She also has declared she will not drive it as it'll be staying this way for a loooooong time! It IS extremely loud now. And sounds like an ALMS 911RS. It's hairy! The cops may harbour a different opinion, however so we'll see. This is a mod I would not recommend for just anyone. If you want a rip-snorting cacophony of Boxster growl then it's a way to go...if you like your neighbours, there are probably better solutions available. I also swapped out the rear deck logo for a 986 badge. I told the salesman at Pfaff I was gonna do it, and now I have! It looks real tight, very clean and 'Porschey'. It was a 15 minute job, using a hair dryer, floss, and Go-Be-Gone. Afterwards, some spray detailer and there's no sign of the old logo. All in all, a good, if expensive, weekend! Pictures to follow as soon as a sunny day shows up!
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