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Originally Posted by Brucelee
I have to say that if Porsche makes you pay for auto cc on a car of this price, it continues the practice they have had over the years of dinking customers who are alread paying big bucks for a small car.

Value wise, this pissers me off!

Yeap, Porsche has been known for stiffing their customers for options that should in there in the first place. Back in the 80's I wanted to buy the 944. But I found out that it did not have the ABS brake. They charged you for body molding and rear wiper and other insignificant items. They could have increased price of 944 by another $2,000. We ended up getting a BMW 325e. We still have the Bimmer. I am so glad that I used my big head instead my little head not to buy a 944.

We went to the Dealer yesterday, and indeed auto CC is not standard. I also complained to the Manager that their book and website contained numerous errors. I hope it is not a reflection of their quality of cars.

Does anyone know much their PASM? The manager advises me it is not necessary. Has anyone had direct experience with this option? TIA.

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