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There are a few advantages, which may mean nothing to some people though. They are a totally sealed battery which in theory could be mounted upside down in the front seat of your car. It emits absolutely no corrosive substance either. They are designed with some patented spira cell technololgy which is totally different than standard lead acid batteries. Many racers use them for the fact that they do not emit any harmful fumes as a lead acid battery will and they are also designed to take severe vibrations, which again probably does not make that much of a difference to the common driver. Also they can be completely ran down and recharged without suffering any damage to the battery. I cannot remember the exact figures, but they can be brought back from full discharge a rediculous amount of times. Check out their website if you are really interested, because I am only going off my memory. I just like the extra durability and reliability with the battery, and they are not that much more expensive.
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