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A little "Oh Wow!" about cost of ownership..

My warranty meter rolled over to NONE at midnight March 15th. ...but I got an extended warranty from IWS. (

I stop the spiels short when they pitch service contracts for toasters, wash machines, etc. and I've never had one on a car before. I would not have one now - except - this one has a $110. add on that gives you all your money back if you don't use it, less the $110.

On this 2001 Box-S with 16,000mi, my total was $1910. Five years, $100 deductabe, 80,000mi max...with all the car rental, tow trucks, etc. It's also transferable, if I sell the car. Works out to about $1 a day and seems to cover everything important, but the most important thing to me was: $$ back "if I don't use it".. (cost varies w/mileage, yr, etc..)

One hook; this is sold only thru Credit Unions. I had to have my company join the MD State Employees CU (SECU) at no cost to the company (took 20min via e-mail) and deposit at least $10. in a personal account.

Here's the 'Oh Wow'...

So Sheeet, I'm only getting 3/4% in a savings account - why not throw another $2k to cover the 01 Mercedes ML320!? ...NOOOO. They will only extend it for 4yrs/80,000 and the cost is closer to $4k. Wazzup Yo?!

Thinking they must be grading on a curve, I then asked if I had an 01 Acura MDX with a similar 35,000mi - how much? How'z 5yrs/80,000 for $1583 strike you?!

Fricking-A. I've had a couple Mercs. My daughter now has our '88 Wagon with 220,000mi running it 80mph in a one hour commute in Miami ..and this ML hasn't been REAL bad, but makes you afraid of owning it too long!

I'll tell you - I won't buy another anything unless I check with the people who wear green eyeshades. ...and I feel, aside from the RMS shadow, that we-all probably have a very good piece of machinery.


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