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hey Todd, I've been wondering about this too. Thanks for the advice. does this cinch down the car too? So that you don't get any up/down motion? I would think that you would want to compress the suspension some while towing, because, when towing the car, the shocks on the boxster still see wear but if you cinch it down, and you are able to strap the car down tight enough that it actually pulls the car down some, the shocks will get no wear.

next question. I have your same shocks, what spring rates are you running? what canister pressures? what front/rear Comp/reb settings? do you autox at all? or just track? (you can PM me if you prefer).

I have 9.5" wheels all around, 255s up front, 265s out back. custom sways front and rear. I do autox the car a lot, have yet to be on a track. but I will soon. I have to play with the toe some more out back to get the car a little more settled, its a lil tail happy still.
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