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Thanks for the information! I'll check out the MAF and vacuum leaks... ah, I'm back in the world of German cars. I haven't owned one in a few years, and the word "broken" isn't in my IS300's vocabulary.

No CELs or any other obvious problems. I've driven it twice since the incident and it's been perfect. I love the sounds these things make at about 6500 rpm at WOT.

(the 8,416 miles on the odometer is just an indication of how long I've known this car)

No more garage queen status for this car.

What I mean by the lights "shift" when the brights are engaged is that the beam visibly moves up and out, as opposed to a dual beam or dual filament setup that just switches sources.

Ok- I just answered part of my own question. According to the Bentley, the low beam does indeed raise up when the brights are on. RTFM, I suppose.

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