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Originally Posted by Samson
Do the litronic lights just shift the reflector, mechanically, when the brights are engaged?

-I drove the car from a dry climate to a rather humid climate. The day after I got home, it wouldn't start. It would turn over, but stumble and die. It did this repeatedly. I opened up the engine compartment, and dusted off the intake runners etc. to get a better look, and then it started right up. Could old dry plug wires be the culprit? I had issues like that in the past where the cracks cause arcing and no-running.

I've never seen the litronics move the headlamps while driving, so, I don't believe so, maybe others on the board can clarify.

Vacuum leaks are pretty common around our engines, check the AOS bellow, common area where air leaks in. Could be electrical too, any CEL's? The MAF sensor plays a role at speed, not idle, so I don't believe this is the culprit. 12K is pretty low mileage for an 01, quite the garage queen Very nice looking Boxster! Congrats!

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