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Originally Posted by St. Louis Boxster



Sucks, But I know what you mean. I saw a cop once blow by me go around 6 cars and pull over a 350Z who was going just as fast as everyone else. I had slowed down because my radar detector had gone off, no one else did. It was pretty blatant if you ask me. It was right around were you said you got pulled. I felt bad for the guy, as soon as I saw the copís lights go on I thought, ďoh man, that 350 guy is screwedĒ Had I not slowed down, Iím sure it would have been me, and some guy on a would have been telling a story about how some guy in a Boxster got pulled over.

I've had conversations with people along the lines of "you have a radar detector, is that so you can break the law . . . yada . . .yada . . . preach . . preach" Iím sure most of you guys have too. This is precisely the reason, I donít drive 130mph every day, I drive like a normal person, about 10-15 over on the highway. At least I feel with the detector I have some protection from overzealous cops who always pull the nicest car in the bunch over. However, when I got that No Front Plate ticket, my detector had been going off for at least a minute, and well I still got pulled over. I guess sometimes you just canít win.

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