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Picked up a 2001 Boxster

I took ownership over the weekend. 740 miles of highway 70 later, it's home.

2001, 12k miles, sport package, litronic, PSM, and embossed headrests.

Before I left for home, I had the oil changed, hydraulics (brakes and clutch) flushed, SP Sport MAXXs installed, and a 4-wheel alignment. Great on the highway and returned 31.4 mpg.

Couple of questions:
-Do the litronic lights just shift the reflector, mechanically, when the brights are engaged?

-I drove the car from a dry climate to a rather humid climate. The day after I got home, it wouldn't start. It would turn over, but stumble and die. It did this repeatedly. I opened up the engine compartment, and dusted off the intake runners etc. to get a better look, and then it started right up. Could old dry plug wires be the culprit? I had issues like that in the past where the cracks cause arcing and no-running.

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