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William Harris
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Talking Each car is unique!

Having owned 3 911's and 2 Boxsters, I would say that each car is different and the answer depends on what you want from a car. I eventually decided the Boxster was a better fit for me and have been very happy with my choice. IMHO there is no question that the Carerra has a significant performance and prestige edge over the Boxster. However, I wanted a roadster and have never been that happy with the looks of the Cabriolet (even though I owned one). I think you get a lot more car for the money with the Boxster, especially if you buy a slightly used one at the hugh discounts that are now available. Carerra definitely holds its value better. Boxster is more fun to drive. Having said that, if costs were no object a C4 cab is definitely a great car. Can't go wrong either way.
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