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Good job on the sale. $23K is a great price and I thnk any of us with 97-99s would sell at that price any day.

As for the Audi I personally would pass on it. I know many have no problems with theirs yet I also know many that have total lemons. Of course this is true of BMWs as well but it seems that amongst my own gorup of friends we have had too many major problems with out Audis.

I just sold my A4 and picked up a 335XI. The 335 is a blast to drive and in my opinion "feels" much better than my A4 with a sport package (of course my A4 was not a S4, but then again I am not comparing it to a M3).

The 335 has 100 horses more than my old box and gobs more tourque. The first time I finished driving the 335 and swapped back to my box I thought something was mechanically wrong with the car. I realized a few minutes later that nothing was wrong but that I was jst really short on power compared to the BMW.

To make a long story short. I loved the Audi but hated how many things went mechanically wrong. The BMW is just as good in finish etc. but drives better in my opinion. However, after getting used to the HP difference I still find that nothing can compare to driving a Porsche around. The boxster just makes me grin from ear to ear as well as attracts looks from everyone.

My wife and I was eating in a restaurant and our BMW was parked on the street along with another new 3 series and 3 911's (C4S, new TT and a 996). Most people that walked by did a double take while passing the TT and C4S but no one gave the bimmmers a glance. My wife was a little upset and commented how even though our car cost just as much as the 996 and C4s (used) and was practically brand new it just goes by unnoticed.

Our of my stable of current cars as of last week (Audi, Mercedes, bmw and Porsche) the Porsche gets my pick every time even though it was the oldest and cheapest of the bunch.
97 Arctic Silver/Boxster Red

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Alcantera door panels
JL Aduio 5 channel powering Polks and Clif Designs

To do/complete:
Elemental Designs 10" subs in fiberglass enclosures behind seats
Carbon 3 spoke install with custom stereo control buttons (tiptronic wheel)
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