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Temp rise when high engine load normal?

Today temepartue was 80 F, I had air conditioning at max.
The car is a Cayman S manual

Drove a 25 mile section of twisties (deserted , no cars) was pushing it, mostly second gear sections , then second gear uphilll twisties, sometimes third, but always changing gears at 6500 or 700 rpms.

During the middle of the uphill the needle of the temp rised to the second marker, I continued pushing it and having fun, and temp continued there, rised a tiney bit past the marker, then the downhill came and temp went back to normal.

I think this car is made for this type of driving, and Im surprised of the temp rise, is this normal?

Any harm to continue driving fast with the temp at the second mark in the gauge?

Also I have done this route many many times with my Triptronic 2.7 Boxster and Temperature never moved from center.

Now page 86 of the Cayman S owner manual says.

Pointer in the middle-normal operating temperature.
The pointer might move up to the red area when engine is heavily loaded and outside temperature is high, but should return to "normal" when engine load is reduced.

According to the manual seems ok a rise in temp if the engine is heavily loaded, as long as it goes down.
Also talked to a couple of reputable mechanics and both told me its ok to keep driving hard as long as the temp needle doesnt reach the red area.
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