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Originally Posted by releese78
Well, here's my contribution for the week... I wanted to free up some space in my front trunk, and almost never use the rear because it's small and gets very hot, so I came up with a solution. I slightly de-flated my spare tire and fit it in the rear trunk. As you can see in the picture (the small black box on the right), I carry a little air compressor. I figure, how often do you actually use the spare, and 9 times out of 10 it's underinflated by then anyway. One word of advice though. Take the jack and lug wrench out before removing it from the rear trunk if you have to use it. Like a dumbass, I forgot to and the jack left a little chip and several nice scratches on my rear bumper just below the spoiler.
I wouldn't suggest you do this. As ToolPants pointed out for us before:
This is what the TSB Porsche published on 9-11-98 states:

In countries where it is not legally required to carry a spare wheel in the vehicle at all times, for example in Germany, the question is occasionally asked whether the spare wheel may be removed to increase the storage capacity in the luggage compartment. Please respond to this question with the following information:

"In addition to its intended purpose, the spare wheel fitted in the luggage compartment also serves to absorb some of the impact engery introduced into the front of the vehicles in serious frontal collisions. Please take this into consideration and drive with appropiate care when, in exceptional cases, the spare wheel is not carried in the luggage compartment."

In 2005, Porsche removed the spare, but they also reinforced the front section of the car to compensate.
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