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I got taken on Ebay for $23,000

Yes, that's right. My Boxster. It took a 3 month FBI hunt to finally get the car after I bought it directly through Ebay, and then another 4 months of lawsuit to actually get the title in my name.

Oh, and in the meantime, he had taken the Porsche offroading, resulting in over $4,000 of damage. There's still some problems with it that I will never be able to fix.

Ebay wouldn't help me, my insurance company and loan companies wouldn't even help me.

I lost a lot of faith in "consumer" help resources with this ordeal.


It was the same thing...over 300 positive car sales, it just happened that when I bought the car from this dealership, they decided to fraud their loan companies, and default on all the payments. It was a hellish 6 months for me trying to A) get my money back or B) get the car I supposedly bought.

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