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Not a good idea. I recommend that everyone go test their spare & make sure it has enough air pressure in it. Since you had to "deflate it" to make it fit in the rear trunk, you may as well just remove it from the car completely. The spare requires fairly high pressure.

I recently got a flat on Interstate 95 outside of Philly that tore up one of my rear Pirellis (expensive). Of course it was pouring rain. My spare went on easily enough, but it wasn't inflated because I never checked it. I was then left with an issue of desparately trying to get to a gas station to find an air pump.

An interesting side note is that there is nowhere to put the full size rear tire after you remove it because of the flat. It doesn't fit in the front trunk (won't close) and I already had stuff in my rear. That isn't well thought out...

Dirty greasey hands not withstanding -- my customer later accused me (with a smile) of "making the whole thing up" because I was late to a meeting.

On the positive side, you just gotta love the feel of a pair of new p-Zero Rossos on the rear. Wow, what a difference! But that is a story for another thread.
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