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Originally Posted by jdub2348
the opposite is happening here in des moines, iowa. 5 years ago, it was uncommon to see a porsche or a high end merc or bmw. now i routinely see aston martins, bentleys, ferraris, etc. just in the past few days ive seen 3 aston db9s, a ferrari testarossa, a bentley gt, a viper, several porsche turbos and even a mosler mt900. des moines is not a wealthy city nor does it have wealthy suburbs but exotic cars seem to be a growing trend here.
Jdub, it's all that fine Iowa corn you are growing over there! Your farmers are making a killing. Now they drive a Ferrari with the green "John Deer" hat!

There are 2 Porsche dealerships in the state of Iowa. Some states have zippo.
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