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I wouldn't if I were you

Drive it eighty miles that is. With no charging it won't make it, and you're just making a bad situation worse. Also if you're not much of a mechanic this isn't a DIY chore because you have to remove the belt, work in awkward positions, know what NOT to do etc., not a first timer project. For someone with decent skills it's maybe ninety minutes, but not for a first timer.

You can put yourself really at ease and buy a Autolite Import 8747875 (SKU), Manufacturer Number 15978 lifetime warrenty, to replace the entire alternator and regulator, which I suspect any shop you bring it to will require. I don't think you'd find a guy willing to just change the regulator. But if you do it's Regitar: VRB254 IB225 and you can get one from Alternators Unlimited 510-205-0860. You may be able to find one locally if you call around to alternator rebuilders.
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