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Originally Posted by Kevfra
When people say alternator they are referring to the combination of alternator and regulator. You blew the regulator which includes the diodes, and very likely your alternator is fine. The regulator is bolted onto the back of the alternator, and you can replace just the regulator for about $75. If you first buy the regulator and have it available, you can then do the job in the car and be on the road with a much shorter down time because you don't have to take the alternator to a rebuild shop. If you need part numbers let me know.
Agreed. But, if a bad battery has been working the alternator overtime for any length of time, because this would cause it to run considerably hotter, there's a good chance that the alternator bearing, and even possibly the windings were affected. Since we don't know the answer, I think he's best served by having the alternator inspected and rebuilt if necessary. Just my humble $0.02
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