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Finished the tweeter installation, sound is better than before but not as good as I had hoped. Basically, this issue may be the seat headrests and the amount of "highs" enhancement... the new tweeters add something, but the headrests are in the way of the direct path to the ear and there is little back there to act like a good reflector (note that the dash tweeters reflect off the windshield to get to your ears).

When I tried the piezo tweeters before install on my home stereo, they were easily overwhelmed by the better quality dome tweeters I used in my home speakers. So it is probably a tweeter selection issue more than a failing in the idea of adding the tweeters... the problem is the really small space you have to work with. I had to create a platform to mount these relatively tiny tweeters to just in order to clear the existing drivers and the storage compartment features.

William, have you received the Paris audio goodies package back yet?
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