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OK - I probably fit the profile - Gray, 50+, etc. When I drive down the street in my Boxster, I guess many think I'm mid-life crisising. But...

At 17, I owned a '66 289 Mustang Fastback as my DD, and a '62 Austin Healey 'Bug Eye' Sprite as my 'Fun' car.

At 20, I owned a '68 Camaro SS396 as my DD, and a '68 912 and a '68 Buick Gran Sport Stage I as my 'Fun' cars.

At 22, I owned a '68 Lincoln Continental Convertible as my DD, and a '63 E-Type and a '72 Dodge Charger SE R/T 440 Six Pack as my 'Fun' cars.

At 25, I owned a '72 BMW 320 I as my DD, and a '69 Lotus Elan SE as my 'Fun' car.

At 27, I owned an '80 Jaguar XJ-6 as my DD, and a '70 Datsun 240Z and a '70 Lotus Europa SE John Player Special as my 'Fun' cars.

At 30, I owned a BMW 636 CSI as my DD, and a '71 Ferrari Dino 246GTS and an '80 Porsche 930 Turbo as my 'Fun' cars.

At 35, I owned a Volvo 740I as my DD and an '85 Lotus Turbo Esprit and '83 Porsche 911SC as my 'Fun' cars. In addition, I acquired a '90 Euroswift Formula Ford for Racing.

At 38, I owned a '92 Corvette ZR1 as my DD, and a Ferrari 308GTS Quattrovalvole as my 'Fun' car.

At 40, I owned a '92 Lexus SC400 as my DD, and a '56 Austin Healey BN2 100M as my 'Fun' car.

At 45, I owned a '99 Mercedes Benz CLK 430 as my DD, and a '79 Maserati Bora as my 'Fun' Car which was replaced mid-year with my '99 Porsche Boxster. Sold the Formula Ford and bought a '90 Protoform Formula VEE racer.

Now, at 54, I own an '06 Jaguar S-Type Sport 4.0 as my DD, plus my '99 Boxster and Formula VEE as my 'Fun' cars.

So while people may see me drive by in my Boxster and type-cast me as a mid-life crisis, they have absolutely no idea how totally WRONG they are.

That's OK with me. I have always owned the cars I loved with no regard to what others may think...

PS - This probably belongs in the What cars have you owned thread, but I list it here to make a point.
1990 Porsche 964 Carrera 4 Cabriolet
1976 BMW 2002
1990 BMW 325is
1999 Porsche Boxster
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