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Originally Posted by mchi5
...they are usually driven by really old guys...usually in their 50's and 60's, white haired fat guys lol. ...
What could possibly be offensive about being called old, white-haired and fat...??? Makes you sound like the kinda guy Dale Carnegie would like to punch in the mouth!

Originally Posted by mchi5
...I'm only 29...
It shows... reminds me of why, on the whole, I wouldn't want to be 29 again...

Originally Posted by mchi5 previous cars are (ahem...kinda embarrased to admit), an oldsmobile in high school, then a camry, then an Acura RSX...
I'd be much more embarrased being linked to that stable of cars than to being called old, white-haired and fat !!

I was born in the year of Rock&Roll, have mostly gray hair now, and though while not at all fat, must admit I can no longer fit into my high school jeans.

The thing is, it'll all happen to you too friend (that is if you don't call the wrong guy old, fat and white-haired in the meantime - ). But you also have the double-whammy of that horrible history of previous cars - not sure the Boxster is gonna make up for that one...
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