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Originally Posted by YellowJacket
Although it may be different up north, the snow that sees the underside of my car is equivalent to the water you'd get from a rainstorm -- not much. As far as the salt and rust, modern cars don't rust like cars did years ago.
It is very different in Buffalo than it is in Richmond. We probably got more snow yesterday than you've logged in a year, and the roads are salted and sanded almost every day. I tell you, the stuff eats cars alive. All it takes is a stone chip to get through the paint to the metal and by the time the winter's over you've already started to get corrosion. Especially with the Boxster being so low to the ground, a lot of crap gets kicked up under there.

I can appreciate that people drive them year round, that's OK with me (especially in a warmer climate). If you're going to trade the car every few years for a newer one, what's the sense in not driving it? Mine's here for keeps, so I'm doing what I can to preserve it. Besides, it's not much fun driving a high performance car in six inches of snow anyways, that's what my Jetta's for.

But for this guy, hey if you've got the cash to buy a 996 and let it sit out in a snowstorm and drive it through western New York's salty slush and not care, more power to ya.
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