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SOLD: Sad Day!

The Boxster went to a new home this week . I have mixed feelings about this. I will miss the car, I think it is a great feat of engineering and I definately enjoyed my time with 'her'.

However, with two kids under the age of four I found the car to be very impractical and my opportunities to drive the car were very infrequent. Having an expensive depreciating asset just sitting in the garage became hard to deal with so I decided 'she' would be best at a new home.

I was lucky to find a good local buyer who seems very excited to enjoy the Boxster for many years to come. I think he walked away with a very good deal on a low mileage 05 Boxster S.

So what's next for me? I'm not entirely sure. I think I will stick with the two SUVs we have for the next year, then consider a purchase next Spring. The leading candidate right now is the new M3 sedan. That way I can use it as an everyday driver (kids fit in it) and still enjoy a few track days.

I plan to continue to participate in the forum on occassion.
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