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I did mine with the G2 system.

I removed the calipers, cleaned them with a Brass brush and lots of solvent (Brake Cleaner).

Then, I took a 2X4 and drilled 4 holes in it. Got some bolts from the hardware store which fit the Brake Line taps and mounted the calipers on it. This made it easy to paint both sides w/o having to set them down while wet.

The window for using this paint is really under 3 hrs. and mounting the calipers allowed me to put on 3 coats in that time before the epoxy became too hard to apply with a brush.

The G2 system is an epoxy paint and rather than dry, it cures. Depending upon temperature and humdity, this can take up to 24 hrs., though it dried to a tack in 1 hr. and to the touch in about 4. I suspect that you could do it and drive the car, very easily, in 4-5 hrs. back to your regular garage. Of course, you'd have to allow another hour for remounting and bleeding - a good time to change the fluid if it's more than 2 yrs. old.
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