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Originally Posted by BuffaloBoxster
A garage queen is one thing... A rust bucket is quite another. I plan to enjoy my car for many, many years. Snow, salt, and slush don't figure into that plan.

Neither does ice damage.
Although it may be different up north, the snow that sees the underside of my car is equivalent to the water you'd get from a rainstorm -- not much. As far as the salt and rust, modern cars don't rust like cars did years ago.

I understand why some people choose to drive their Boxster only on sunny 75 degree days, and so i'm not arguing with their logic. My logic is simply that I bought this car to be driven. When I've driven it into the ground (which I'm guessing won't be for many years), I'll buy another car to drive.

If we were talking CGT, 360, or something like that, it'd be a different story, but a Boxster is not exactly an exotic or a collector's car or something.
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