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I can't help with this particular brand, but I painted my Miata upgraded (and then abused!) brakes with high temp caliper paint and had no prbs with just one coat. The main piece of advice I would have is that ALL grease,dirt, whatever must be cleaned from the caliper before any paint is applied. I am not talking about a quick wash and brush, but rather a complete cleaning with solvents. You can NOT get any of this on the pads and/or some of the other parts, so I would recommend rebuilding the caliper as part of the project. It really isn't any more involved than just the dis-assmbley for painting, and will allow you to sleep at night. The 24 hour wait seems to me to be to allow the paint to dry. If you drove it before the paint sets you very well could get cr4p on the paint that would then "cure" onto the caliper.

Originally Posted by Boxtaboy
Hi guys- need some help please. In the next few weeks, I'm hoping to use the G2 Caliper paint system (paint brush method) to color my brake calipers red. The instructions say that after I finish putting 3 coats on, I must let them dry for 2 hrs, and then not even drive the car for 24 hrs. before driving the car. Is it necessary to not drive the car for 24 hrs before driving it?

Reason I ask is because I live in NYC, and I can't do the job at my parking garage, and instead must complete the job at a friend's house, but don't want to leave the car there 24hrs before I can drive off. Does it really take that long for the paint to cure?

Thanks in advance.
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