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Originally Posted by Pilot2519j
Either the owner of the car is a new homeowner in Rochester and was not aware of the sliding ice from the roof or he suffered a total mental meltdown to take the chance to park there. All of us are aware of the environmental impacts of the places where we park our cars. Under trees in the summer sap, under bridge overpass bird crap etc.
He should have parked like I do inside my garage. I do use my car daily in the winter too. We only go around this earth once and my simple principle is " I buy it, I use it." Surely I am not taking my Porsche when I die. Therefore I use it everyday, every weather, every season after all that was the reason I bought which is to use it.

That's the motto with which I drive my car too. Too many garage queens around IMO. These cars are some of the finest sports cars money can buy so get out there and drive it!
- Jason
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