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Just got ripped off !!!

I decided to go through with a front door speaker upgrade on my boxster. Because I do not currently have this option on my 98' Boxster I had to get new door panels. I found this guy selling some stuff on e-bay for a 996 so I hit him up and got some panels off him. When they arrived there were missing all the trim, door pulls, pocket covers, etc... He told me that all that stuff was included and didn't send me any of it. The panels are off a later model car so they have the special door lids so mine will not fit. I am so dissapointed and thought I would vent to some fellow Boxster owners. This guy charged me a fortune for these panels and now I am stuck with something I can't use. He will not return my e-mails or anything. Anybody out there looking for some newer style savanna beige panels? At this point I am probally going to give up on e-bay. My car is all dissassembled and I am about to be driving around panel-less. Please help!!!

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