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If you have speakers in the doors, then you probably have a single four channel (40 Watts per channel) amp located under the front hood on the firewall mounted high in the center just behind the spare tire. Changing out the speakers will probably provide a bit more clarity to the sound, you will need to do much more to get a great sound.

Adding rear speakers improves the sound marginally, in that it puts you in the center of the sound field. The rear speakers would run off of the head unit and would have less than 20 watts of power per channel going to them. You can upgrade by changing out the amp to the 996 version which would provide 40 watts per channel to the rear speakers which does noticeably improve the sound.

But to get really great sound, you will essentially need to ditch the factory stereo system for an aftermarket system. If you do a search will find numerous threads from others on what they did to wake up their sound systems. Some are pretty basic, while others are completely over the top. Just depends on what you and your wallet are willing to do to get better sound.

Convertibles, and Boxsters in particular, are not the best starting point to a true audiophile sound, but I have seen some pretty amazing results by those not afraid to invest the time and resources in search of killer tunes.
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