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Yes - driver's horn OK.
Alarm system can be 'primed' with remote key fob. When alarm triggered, side lights flash. Do you reckon that the main air horns should be sounding the alarm via the car's main battery?
I've read that there is a back-up battery. It's purpose is to sound the alarm should the main battery be disconnected and I believe this will energise the disc horn. If I'm correct, do you know where this battery is located?
I've also metered the disc horn (which doesn't work on a separate battery) supply in alarmed condition and this seems to vary between 9V and 11V DC in sync with the flashing indicator lights. Bearing in mind I used a digital multimeter, this tells me that the supply is rising and falling and thus sounding the horn accordingly.
My local Porsche dealer has suggested they have a look at it. With labour rates at 104 an hour and a replacement disc horn at 8, I've gone for the cheap option (DIY) in the first instance.
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