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Originally Posted by Brucelee
"who needs french anyway?"

Not many apparently. Do they still make cars anyway?

What a caricature! Let me take the defense of the constantly-bashed-French. Yes, they still do make cars. UK car industry is practically non-existent today (Rover? Jaguar? Rolls? Bentley? talk to the Germans...), but yes, go ahead, bash the French who had their most successful year in 2004. Renault controls Nissan for example since 1999.

The combined production of Renault and Nissan today represents over 9% of the global market, at over 5 million vehicles a year. The Alliance is one of the top five carmakers in the world, with its five brands: Nissan and Infiniti for the Nissan group; Renault, Dacia and Samsung for the Renault group.

You can dislike their cars (and so do I), and you might think that they are not existent because they are not on US roads anymore...but surely, the humorous statement from above is not supported by facts, but by something more down the line of a widely accepted and politically tainted French bashing "fashion", which, as a European I find quite unfortunate, especially when it is coming from the site owner.
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