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Pilot, I wasn't in any way suggesting a move to political correctness, as anyone who knows me would attest. Perhaps I wasn't very clear, so I'll summerize: I think people should answer the main thrust of the post. He didn't ask how anyone drove when they were 16, he asked for cheap hp ideas. I re-read all the posts, and frankly veiled jealousy isn't really humour. Then again, humour is to a degree subjective so whatever floats your boat. Personally I think a car priced in the Boxsters' range, with the used market and all, will see owners from many walks of life and many tax-brackets and age groups. Only RandelN was prepared to be honest, and saying a 16 yr old is damn lucky to own a Boxster...well the same could be said for a 22yr old. And at 16 I don't recall doing donuts in the parking lot to ammuse my friends. Which would lead me to believe Yello and I drove quite differently at that age. And it's an irrelevent observation at any rate, as the question was about cheap hp gains, not how do I impress my pals in the parking lot. I don't think it's PC to avoid stereo-typing someone based solely on their age or on an individual's own experiences. That comes off as kinda arrogant! "I did it so everyone would do it". Anyway, my point is just answer the question if you have an answer. I hope I never see a response to one of my questions with "Boy what a dumb question...when I was 38 I knew all about..." And Yellow, this is just MY PERSONAL EXPERIENCE, and JUST MAYBE I've learned a thing or two about speaking before I think...Read my post again and you'll find out what I the interim "Physician, heal thyself"
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