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Originally Posted by Jen
According to their records, the oil was last changed in 06. It is due for a major 60,000 mile service which he said should cost approx $1100. This is certainly good information that (if I choose that car) will help me to negotiate.
One additional thing, I was able to get a much reduced price on the 30K service for my Boxster from a local shop compared to the local Porsche dealers. I called 3 Porsche dealers who quoted anywhere from $800 to $1200. I emailed some local PCA chapter members who basically told me that I should just realize that Porsche ownership will be costlier. Thankfully, one of my good friends routinely raced his 944 turbo and recommended Eurosport - Porsche specialist. They were able to do the 30K service for $375 or so.

There is a thread that posts the various reputable Porsche shops in many different cities in the USA.... pretty long but helpful.
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