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a few answers


I saw that same Consumer Reports car issue - of course, that was right after I'd purchased my '03 "S" model! The funny thing is, I could have sworn that in last year's car buying issue, it said the '04 was the 'trouble' year to avoid, so I am not sure just how much faith I would put in that. (for what its worth, my '03 S has been perfect so far).

As for the manuals - those don't seem to fit well in the glove compartment - look behind the passenger seat and/or driver's seat - that's where I found mine.

As for the particular cars you are looking at - while many here do not agree, I still prefer low mileage, and much prefer "S" to non-S, not just for the extra torque, but for all of the other 'options' on the S, not the least of which are the phenominal brakes - I'm guessing the best you will have ever experienced (they were/are for me).

There are many to choose from, so don't rush in to a purchase on one you are less than thrilled with. Check my 'joined' date - it took me almost two years to find what I wanted, and even then I got one w/o an important option I wanted (PSM) because the car is in perfect condition.

Good luck, and keep us up-to-date on your search.
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