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Originally Posted by Perfectlap
no its probably more 'phonic' if you spell it incorectly.

The big mistake is that the the Caiman (and the crocodillo) is known as the short snout gator.

The Aligator has the long snout.

Being bred of a roadster (long nose short back) it would have been more approapiate to call it the Porsche Gator
Traditional roadsters have long noses and short rear decks ie: vettes, Z4's. However, this is because the engines are in the front which neccitates the need to move the driver as rearward as possible for decent weight distribution. The Boxster and Cayman don't have long noses and short rear decks because the engine is not in front so the term "gator" wouldn't be appropriate here. Jeannot, the 3.4L in the 996 series has 296hp so Porsche only "detuned" the cayman by 1hp.
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