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Thank you both for your helpful replies. I'm going to look for that Car&Driver article and also for the Nov Road&Track article as I continue to ponder this...

When I tested the 03 S, I didn't see any service records in the glovebox. No manual, either -- just a sound system brochure in a plastic case.

The car was the only Porsche on the used car lot of a large Chevy dealer with a moderate number of used import cars. The guy who took me on the test drive knew ZERO about the car (didn't know what S meant), and had not been in it yet. There is no CPO or private warranty on the car, just a 30 day 3000 mile guarantee from the dealer (need to go back and read the fine print on that).

According to the CarFax report, it was a one-owner privately leased (4yrs 4mo) vehicle in Ohio. Is regular Porsche service a requirement (or included) under a typical lease? If I called the initial dealership that held the car in Ohio, do you think I could track down the service info? And would they be willing to send me maintenance/service record info by fax? Of course, I have the VIN.

And if I decide to make an offer on the S, do I negotiate the deal, put down a deposit, then do PPI, and void the deal if problems surface? Or do PPI before negotiating? How does this work in practice?

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