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Shopping for an 03 or 04 -- many questions...

Hi all,

Post #1 for me... I'm thinking about buying a used Boxster. I test-drove a 2003 S with 60,000 miles (at a non-Porsche used car lot, asking $25k), and am scheduled to test a 2004 base model with 19,000 miles (Porsche dealer-associated used car lot, asking $30k). I absolutely loved the S. The driving was amazing and the Bose stereo and heated seats a plus. Don't know that I really need the more powerful motor (and higher insurance?), but perhaps I'll have an opinion once I drive the base model.

If those were my only two options (which probably isn't the case), what would you recommend? How low of an offer could I reasonably make now in early spring? And if I decide on the 04, should I find a different Porsche dealership for the pre-purchase inspection? Would either car still be under a warranty? Should I push for "certified"?

One concern -- the latest Consumer Reports car issue lists 03 as a particularly bad year for Boxster reliability, with 04 looking better. Are there other studies that contradict this info?

I noticed that upon starting the engine, the 03 S put out a LOT of white smoke from the tailpipes. Is this normal?

Also, how many miles do Boxsters usually last? I worry a bit about maintenance and assorted problems. I previously got 200k miles out of a 1990 miata (my first car), and am hoping for that unreasonable level of luck again. I could always buy a new miata (still an option occupying the practical part of my mind), but the Boxster really calls to me on a visceral level.

Thanks! This is a great forum, and I'm learning a lot...

-- Jennifer (in Michigan, where Spring will eventually appear)
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