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Originally Posted by IceBox
Nor will I point out that 22 is a tiny hop from 16, and in no way speaks to any greater degree of wisdom or skill.
Maybe you should think through people's responses before you criticize. Take mine, for example:

He asked how to make his Boxster faster. I agreed with others than the best way to make his Boxster faster is to learn how to push it to its limits from professionals. Not out of line, I wouldn't say.

Then he asked about tires. I pointed out that while normally I would recommend Pilot Sports, based on my experience being 16 years old, showing off to friends, and racing down back roads, I would not want to suggest that he spend a ton on tires. Not unreasonable, either.

As for your comment about 22 being a tiny hop from 16, I agree. But my point is that there MIGHT POSSIBLY be a slight chance, based on my PERSONAL experience (and aren't these questions a request for personal experience, anyway?) that he's going to burn more unnecessary rubber in the school parking lot after football practice, than I do in the company parking deck after crunching numbers all day. So however small or large of a "hop" 22 is from 16, I think there was a difference in the way I drove my car then and the way I do now. And that's not to look down on it; had I the chance to go do donuts in the high school parking lot at 16 years old to the amusement of all my friends, I would do it all over again!

Not meaning to tear your post apart -- but you might want to think about the comments you are criticizing before you go out of your way to tell us all we're wrong.
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