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Frankly I'm suprised at all the back-handed comments regarding this guy's age. Seems to me he's gone out of his way to find an informative site and has asked the question we all ask; 'How can my Boxster go faster'. And in reply, most people are making broad assumptions regarding the' stupid' things he's likely to do. At 16, Sebastion Bourdais competed at Le Mans, surely he had the talent and intelligence to snag the ride. I suspect no one said 'Sacre Blue' which should be spelt 'Bleu', by the way. I wont make any judgement calls on that poster's brain-power based on a spelling mistake. Nor will I point out that 22 is a tiny hop from 16, and in no way speaks to any greater degree of wisdom or skill. And aren't we all in a position to consider ourselves lucky that we can afford to drive a Boxster? At 16 or 60? I'd now go get a hair-cut but genetics and time have taken care of that option, and as for homework, I never did it when I had it! And don't anybody get their panties in a twist, just think how you'd feel if you went to ask for some helpful suggestions, and got some of these responses instead.
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