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Dang! I had to wait until I was 42 to get my dream car. You're either a far better saver that I ever was with a good paying job after school or you have a parent who likes to give you very nice cars to drive and is willing to pay what must be outrageous insurance, huh?

What on earth will you have to look forward to in your 40's if you're driving a Porsche now?

Do the driving school thing as suggested and save the rest though. I've looked into more HP and it's stinking expensive and makes the car somewhat to very unreliable. Maintenance isn't cheap on our cars either, and yours will be far more than most, I'm afraid. Why?

I say this from personal experience as a complete driving fanatic my whole life and the ability to recall how I drove my cars when I was 16.

At 16, a person has a far greater sense of invincibility, and less fear of loss. So, one usually drives faster, is then required to jam on the brakes more, and must prove to all one's friends that Porsches, even non-S models are far faster than the rice burners with coffee cans for tailpipes his buddies are driving. Believe it or not, driving school will show you how to beat every one of your buddies in a race... and they can even be driving corvettes and you'll win!

For the most part, a young, highly spirited driver without driving school = lots of tires, brakes, shocks, clutches, etc.

You may be one of those conservative 16 year old men who drives conservatively, but I must admit if I were you and at your age, I would not be driving cautiously and slowly in a boxster!!!

Oh yeah, don't forget about speeding tickets. If I were you I'd be saving up to pay those and the additional insurance premiums that go with them... no radar detector works well enough to keep a 16 year old out of fine-paying EVERY time.
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