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Cool Rmg

Bob & Co. (RealMeanGarage) are great. One of his younger guys, Dan, is great. Talked me through allot of my early questions after I bought my car and had them do work on it.

Bob's been doing Porsches since 1969. I think he knows them better than the back of his own hands.

My best advice, especially with a Boxster, is get a PPI done & learn to do the easy stuff (oil, brake shoes, Air Filter, Plugs), and let the pros do the big daddy work until you feel comfortable with it.

I'll be doing my own front motor mount and an inner CV boot replacement soon, but it (admittedly) took a while for me to realize that it was something I could indeed handle.

I'll still let Bob & Dan do the clutch, though ;-)

Scope them out at They're behind a strip mall off Mary & El Camino in Sunnyvale. Hard to find unless you've been there, but worth it.

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